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Our Team

Every individual at Polane Inc., contributes to the company’s prosperity... and that’s why all of our employees are carefully recruited by management: because we know what their role is in our great company!

Our team’s dedication and hard work are the backbone of the company. Our people’s professionalism and attention to detail have strengthened and built our many sectors. The passion for satisfying our customers, which they demonstrate on a daily basis, has helped us position ourselves as industry leaders since 1985!

Since 1985, Polane Inc. has been the expert in all matters relating to private and public construction, at both the regional and national levels.

Mr. Jean-Pierre Morin has used his initiative, his leadership and his entrepreneurial flair to build a solid empire!
One of his strengths has been working with a dynamic, productive, motivated team that is dedicated to the company’s success.

Indeed, this team sees every project as an opportunity to improve and to exceed the limits, thus allowing Polane Inc. to establish itself in the market and become an expert in this field.

More than just a business, It is a united family constantly looking for progress!

More than 30 years after its inception, the company has maintained its credibility and longevity by remaining true to the values ​​on which it was initially built. 

Excellence and a disciplined approach have helped it retain business and grow the team over time, welcoming members who contribute to the company’s success, each in their own way and at their own level.

 This is why we stay up-to-date on the latest technologies, so we can offer our customers the best service. Ongoing improvement is one of the reasons we have set ourselves apart on a nation-wide scale!

Polane Inc. has solutions for all your construction work. One advantage we offer: We do business with high-profile customers whom we always leave satisfied, and we will be more than happy to contribute to the success of your job. To this end, we invite you to discover our achievements as well as our services 


We will be more than happy to contribute to the success of your projects.

Career at Polane Inc.

We are always looking for motivated, determined candidates to contribute to our business success.